Forty Five Moments

Forty Five Moments can in many ways be called a collective photo book.
It consists of photographs and stories from a total of 45 people,
from 15 different families.

They were all given the same task: ”Of all the pictures you have ever taken, pick the picture that is most special to you. Not because it necessarily is a good photograph, or beacuse the light was perfect, but because the image reminds you of something special or means something special to you. Because it takes you back to the time the picture was taken, makes you smile and makes you remember.”

In addition they were told to write a short text about why they had chosen that particular image.
Within the fifteen families, three generations in direct line, was set in relation to each other. Children, parents and grandparents. Forty-five memories. Three family members from three generations creates fifteen stories that take part of the shared history of norwegians.

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