Death by Unga Bunga

Death By Unga Bunga is a norwegian rock band that just released their third album "You´re an animal".
Album design by Peder Bernhardt

In a colaboration with stylist Tea Wolff, set designers IDAK and art director Trine Nordhammer
we made a concept for the release concert in Oslo. We made physical masks inspired by the
cover art for the band to give to the audience and for the band to wear during the concert.
Under the concert the band would throw the masks to the audience. We also covered the stage with
plants to simulate a jungle and bring out the animal feeling.

Pictures on instagram and facebook of people wearing the masks appeared during the night
giving us the satisfaction of knowing people liked the concept and PR for the band.  

Picture of the original album cover and the masks we created in the background. 

The vocalist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen on his way to the stage with some of the masks. 

Guitarist Stian Gulbrandsen giving masks to the audience.  

The Stage. 

Pictures taken from Instagram and Facebook of people wearing the masks and hash tagging Death By Unga Bunga.

bilde kopi.PNG
bilde kopi 2.PNG
bilde (3).PNG
bilde (2).PNG
bilde (1).PNG
bilde (1) kopi.PNG